Monday, September 24, 2012

Floral Spray Swap.....

I joined a floral spray swap online. I'm soooo glad these are behind me...I've got to  touch up the "snow" on the pinecone because the inking on the edges turned the liquid pearls green in spots so I've sprayed workable fixative on them to seal them then I'll re-pearl them in a couple hours.  Lesson learned "Always Use Stazon For Inking" so it doesn't bleed.  I used the CTMH ink, I thought it looked great on the flower tips but then again I wasn't using white pearl on

sorry about the glare, the perfect pearls on the flowers is reflecting the light

I decided to go for a more compact look because I don't care for the wires showing and filled in the back with TH greenery cuts. The leaves have wires glued almost all the way through them so they can be bent and arranged to look less "flat." Thought this would look great on a Christmas present instead of a bow....If I ever join one of these again they will be purely paper sprays, all that wire twisting made my hands sore!!!

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  1. This is beautiful, you did a wonderful job! I came here from your other blog. I was wondering if you still have the cut file for the recipe book, if you have it still and can email it to me that would be wonderful, the 4shared file cannot be found by the site. Thanks!

    sandpaperxsilk at

    1. It's been a while since I was on 4Shared so they probably deleted the account...I sent them to your hotmail address, if you have trouble receiving them they are uploaded here:

      refrigerator -
      pot -


  2. These are gorgeous!! I can't wait to get mine! LOL!