Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cricut FANatics crafting is our passion: Operation Christmas Cards

I just realized that I never created a link to my posting on the Cricut FANatics blog...this is a great site created by Cricut Circle members who lost their Circle Blog and really missed it.  So we got together and are making our own design blog.  There are some really talented folks here, you should check it out via the blinking Cricut FANatic icon in the right column or the link at the bottom of this post....

Pinecone Merry Christmas Card
Correction to instructions....you need to cut 28 leaves to make this card (14 leaves per pinecone).  The CCR cut file download has the correct amount of leaves (plus a few extra just in case) if you use that.  You can access the cut file via the link below which takes you to my Box download storage.
Thanks for looking,

Cricut FANatics Blog Link


  1. This has to be one of my favorite Christmas cards Ive seen so far...great job! Kathie

  2. This card so rocks!!! I just made a 3D pinecone and now that I see this card, I think I can do the same thing with the leaves I picked. Thanks for the inspiration!