Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Been a little busy with helping my son fix up his new house...Had to take a bit of a break from painting, cleaning and remodeling to complete my project for the Cricut FANatics blog....here it is hot off the press, won't be available on the blog until the 18th.

Hey there, it's Freda of CannCreate Designs.  It's an honor to be here sharing my favorite hobby with you again.  I've got a Halloween Layout I made for my grandson's Halloween costume this year.  He has decided to be a Zombie again this year.  Not one of those cutesy little ones, he and his dad go all out - complete with fake bloody wounds with glow in the dark maggots...Gross!!!  Obviously, I had to make a layout fit for their gory get-ups...no cutesy layout again this year...lol  I have included a link to the CCR cut file for this project since I manipulated the height/width ratios on 3 of the cuts which can't be done outside of the software.
Supplies Used:  Dk Blue, Gray, Black, Orange Metallic, and Cream Cardstock.  Sakura Gel Pen-turqoise colored.  Queen & Company Black Pearls and Turquoise teardrop.  Martha Stewart's Fine Black Glitter.  Adhesive spray, Pop Dots and Scotch Fast Dry Adhesive.
Cricut Products Used: E2, Cricut Craft Room, Craft Room Exclusives Zombie, Cricut Craft Room Basics, Happy Hauntings.
Zombies Title and Shadow @ 1.75"  (I wanted an additional layer so I glued the top layer to black cardstock and hand trimmed a thin border before adhering to the cream shadow 
Cricut Craft Room Basics:
2012 @ .625" out of black cardstock (if using craft room place these letters over the gate sign, do not
          weld so they cut out of the sign.
Happy Hauntings:
Frames - Page 43-Cut 2 <Frame6> @ 5"
Hands - Page 47-Cut 3<Fram10-s> Layer 1 @ 2.5"
Hands - Page 47-Cut 3<Fram10-s> Layer 1-Flipped @ 2.5"
Hands - Page 47-Cut 1<Fram10-s> Layer 1-Adjust height to 5" and width to 2.75
Hands - Page 47-Cut1 <Fram10-s> Layer 1-Flipped-Adjust height to 5" and width to 2.75
Moon - Page 60-Cut 1 <Grave1>  Layer 1 - Hide grass make moon 10.5" Or any 10.5" Circle
Gate - Page 60-Cut 1 <Graveyrd> @ 5.75"
Headstones - Page 60-Cut 1 <Grvyrd-s>  @ 5.75" leave height the same, change width to 11.25
Grass Mound - Page 60-Cut 1 <Graveyrd-s> @ 5.75" leave height the same, change width to 11.25
Gate Sign - Page 60-Cut 1 <Grvyrd-s> Layer 1 at 5.75"  I hid the brad holes in Craft Room and added
                   the 2012 to make a single layer sign
Assembly Directions:
Step 1 - Start with a dark blue 12 x 12 piece of carstock for a base, sponge with white ink/chalk to make it look like a night sky with faint clouds. 
Step 2 - Sponge areas of black and white on the Moon cut to give it a little texture.
Step 3 - Have your orange gate sign, a post it note (use the adhesive part of the post it to cover the 2012 letters-including the center of the "0" in the correct position), some black glitter and a glitter tray.  Spray the front of the gate with spray adhesive, move gate to glitter tray, quickly place the gate sign in place-remove post it  then cover gate in black glitter.  Shake off excess glitter and remove the post-it.  Set aside to dry.
Step 4 - Using black ink or chalk, sponge around the hands, grass, tombstones, frames. 
Step 5 - Overlap the cuffs on the hands and glue as seen in the pictures.  Take a black marker and create "fingernails" on the fingers of each of the hands.  Using a Sakura glitter gel pen of your color choice color over the black fingernails.  Let dry and apply a second layer of gel pen.
Step 6 - Adhere the tombstone layer even with the bottom of the page leaving a spot at the top of the mound to slide the moon behind.
Step 7 -  Adhere the moon with the bottom slightly behind the tombstone layer.
Step 8 - Next adhere the bottom only of the grass lined up with the tombstone layer. arrange the 3 small pairs of hands between the grass and tombstone layers in front of each tombstone.  Place adhesive on the back and front of the cuff on the hands so the grass layer is secured.
Step 9 - Place adhesive on the bottom flat portion of the gate only.  Line up with the bottom of the page and adhere.  Choose one of the hands that is by the gate and pull it through to the front...( the rest of the gate will be glued down in a later step)
Step 10 - Arrange the 2 frames around the gate, leaving room for the title.  Place a small dot of glue on the bottom flourish of each frame (leave enough space to add your pictures). 
Step 11 - Arrange the large Zombie hands behind the gate sign area and arrange fingers over the photo frame area.  Glue cuffs behind the gate sign.  Place 1 pop dot in the palm area of each hand, place 2 pop dots stacked on top of each other closer to the finger area of each hand.
Step 12 - Glue a few loose edges of the gate down, add a Queen and Company Goosebump Teardrop to the finial of the gate.  Place Black pearls on the Gate Sign, the picture frame and skull eyes in the title.
Step 13 -Pop dot the Zombies title in place.
Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cricut FANatics crafting is our passion: Operation Christmas Cards

I just realized that I never created a link to my posting on the Cricut FANatics blog...this is a great site created by Cricut Circle members who lost their Circle Blog and really missed it.  So we got together and are making our own design blog.  There are some really talented folks here, you should check it out via the blinking Cricut FANatic icon in the right column or the link at the bottom of this post....

Pinecone Merry Christmas Card
Correction to instructions....you need to cut 28 leaves to make this card (14 leaves per pinecone).  The CCR cut file download has the correct amount of leaves (plus a few extra just in case) if you use that.  You can access the cut file via the link below which takes you to my Box download storage.
Thanks for looking,

Cricut FANatics Blog Link