Monday, May 27, 2013

More Tim Holtz Tags

I saw a tag sort've like this on Pinterest and liked it so I decided to recreate it my way with what I had on hand...

The background music was a freebie printable I found on Pinterest.  I printed it on white cardstock, sprayed it with workable fixative to seal the toner so I could ink and mist the card to age it.  You can download Silent Night and O Come All Ye Faithful  here .

The reindeer, 25 and ticket are all Tim Holtz Dies, the evergreen branch is a Spellbinders die.  One of these days I'll have to get me one of those Martha Stewart pine sprig punches...that thing would get worn out at my

The layers behind the reindeer are a small doily with a punched circle of cardstock...I've permanently installed a sewing machine in my scrapbook room for a quick stitch around the cards and tags I'm making to add a little texture...

Thanks for stopping by...this will be the last post today, I've got to get going to a Memorial Day cookout at my son's house.

Have a great Memorial Day, and a huge thank you to all the men and women soldiers who defend our country everyday.  Hat's off to you all.


Prima Doll Mixed Media

Here's another quick project I did yesterday.  I got some of those Prima Doll Stamps and couldn't wait to play...

Bobby saw this and said she's creepy with no face...coming from him that is tooo funny considering his taste for zombies and all things Halloween.
The flowers were randomly cut circlish shapes then outlined with a black marker.  I used Queen and Co. straws for stems.  The quote is a Tim Holtz stamp.  Now that I look at it, the sun and rays are a little wonky, but that's what works with this type of art.
We'll see what I come up with next, I've got 2 more of these doll stamps to try out. I also want to make a background using my Gelli Plate...
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My First Mixed Media Canvas Projects...

I have become fascinated with some of the Mixed Media projects that I have been seeing around Pinterest.  Since I had many of the products already in my stash to try it without having to spend a bunch, I jumped right in.  I went around the house, yard and garage to pick of some "items" to include in my first project.  You never know what you'll find.  I came up with a shoebox full of items to choose from.

This first canvas is using a picture of Connor and Shadow.  I have wanted to scrapbook this picture with a title of "Me and My Shadow" since I took it.  Figured I'd use it for this project since it was one that really captures how close these two are.  It's hard to believe that he was scared of her as a puppy but 2 years later they are inseparable when he comes over.

I just glued a bunch of items that I found around the house/garage/yard to a canvas then started spraying inks and mists to create the Ombre colorization.  Couldn't make the transition from white to blue as well as the other colors transitioned so I decided to stop before I wound up with something I couldn't fix.

I used Puffy Stick On Letters to create the words Me and My Shadow. 
Mom thought I should highlight the words so they stood out more,
but I this type of project is supposed to be more like
an Eye Spy project, the more you look - the more you see.

These pictures were taken while it was hung on the wall so I couldn't get a very good picture of the top details so I took pictures of the bottom details just to show you the different "findings" I used.
There is a "Guardian Angel" pin  added over a heart to symbolize how protective Shadow is of Connor.  The Flower is an old button that was all scratched up, the stem is a dowel plug and the leaves are some jewelry beads.  under this corner I used a piece of cardboard that had the top layer torn to show the corrugation. 

Here I added a Tim Holtz Time clock.  The hands are pointed towards the 20 seconds at the bottom and 1 O'clock at the top.  They were set that say to document the year  2013 (1 o'clock is 13 hundred hours military time).  The Cherish tag was added last because I was too impatient to wait for things to dry and was using the heat gun, a little piece of the photo melted and had to be covered...I thought this tag would be appropriate.

This is the side of the canvas, there is a felt doghouse  and a doghouse charm, more buttons, beads, and other oddities you find in a junk drawer.  The "hook" on the bottom right is used for hooking the window shades strings to the wall.  I put it there so I can hang the "clicker" that we use when training the dogs...Connor loves to play hide and seek and would use the clicker to call the dogs when he was hidden

The texture on the photograph is from spraying polyeurathane on the whole piece to seal it.  This gives the picture that "mat" texture instead of a glossy finish.

This is the type of art that you either like or don't...and I'm really starting to like it a there will be more to come.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

3D Father's Day Gift Box

Here's my May posting for the Cricut FANatics Blog.....

Hi, it's Freda from CannCreate Designs, I'm back with a quickie 3D Father's Day gift box project using SVG files, MTC and my Expression. 

I was looking for a gift box for my hubby's father's day gift.  He has been wanting a new wallet so I though the size of this box would be perfect...

This project comes from "The Green Room" set at  I was really amazed at how easy and quickly this project came together.

For the top I found this great green velvety specialty paper from HOTP called Forest Suede at my local LSS that cuts like butter.  Just to be certain I taped it down all the way around so I didn't waste an ounce......

I assembled the top before I decided the "balls" looked a little flat.  So I would advise that you assemble the rack of balls and embellish before attaching to the table....I was a little worried that I was going to mess up the suede.  Draw stripes and dots on the ball pieces, assembled rack base and frame then glued the balls in place on the rack base piece.  Place rounded blobs of Glossy Accents on each ball to make them look a little more realistic....let dry...

Use a tape runner adhesive to attach the velvet to the table top base. Next put the table top frame in place and embellish as desired.  (I put Queen & Co. black gems in the holes around the edges).  Draw the embellish lines (gold and black stripes) and color the chalk tip white on the stick, allow inks to dry then color the white tip with a little bit of blue on the end. Fold the stick along the scored lines and glue (it will be a square shaped tube). There are 2 holes in the suede to help with placement of the ball and stick, I placed a pearl on one and glued the stick to cover the other one...

Fold the sides of the table top under and glue in place.  Glue the "fringe" pieces along the long side (there aren't any pieces for the short sides of the top).  I put Queen & Co. large black pearls just above the holes cut in the fringe pieces.

For the bottom of the table fold the "Box" pieces and glue to form the table base, they are pretty self-explanatory.  Glue the 3 straight and scalloped trim layers together and glue in place on the leg pieces.  Attach the leg pieces to the long sides of the box.'re done....What Fella wouldn't enjoy getting a gift in something this special.....I thought this project was pretty special as a gift box...but last week someone made the bottom of the table and filled it with flowers to look like a planter-I thought it was even more amazing....check it out here...

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Designed by:  Freda Cannon 
Machine Used:  Cricut Expression
Project Type:  3-D Gift Box
Products Used:  MTC Software; The Green Room SVG Files from, Glossy Accents, Queen & Co Pearls and Black Gems, Ink Gel Pens.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mega Meet Goodies....

Hey there, hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  Thought I'd pop in with some pictures of the cards I made on Thursday while at the Mega Meet in Novi Michigan.  My friend Allison and I had a great time and I got to see Tim Holtz and get my stamp sets and Ink tool autographed.  We just wished we had more time to go, maybe next year.

These items are from my Heartfelt Creations card classes.  I love this company and enjoy a class or two they offer every year....I took 2 card making classes this year so I can stock up my dwindling card stash.

This is the first card in the second can't see it very well, but there are acetate "windows" which are slightly open. We used variegated flower soft on the trees, green and autumn colored glitter on the flowers, grass and pathway.  I never would have though to color with glitter, always used this was my "new" technique that I learned.

Next we have a feminine lacy gatefold card.  I really love the velum embossed flower.  I added some cotton candy stickles and a queen and company flower shaped Goosebumps to the center of the flower.

This step card was really quick and looks quite elegant, the photo doesn't do it justice.  Lots of sparkly glitter on the butterfly, flowers and leaves.

This was the first card we made in the other class, we learned how to ink, shape and embellish the flowers and leaves.

 Below is a close up of the "shattered glass" embellishment on the flowers.

This flowerpot card was a big hit in the class...I decided to use some "Bling" for the flower centers after the air conditioning flipped my scratch paper full of glitter all down the front of could say I had quite the "sparkling" personality the rest of the day...

Here's a pic with the gift card out of the pot...I left the stamping off so I can use sentiments appropriate for the occasion when I give it...

This card was a very quick yet elegant card.  The class ran a little long so I had to assemble the rest at home...I thought the swirls needed a little pen work and some pearls...

I also took a PK Glitz class where I made 2 tags, since the floral and leaves were acetate and glitter, I waited until I got home to assemble them with liquid glass, they are still a little damp so I'll get them photographed later.

I really wanted to take the PK Glitz vintage hues class which made "vintage looking" glittered cards with acetates.  I double booked myself so that I could get the kit for that class to work on at home, but haven't had time to get to it yet. 

The other class I took was the Queen and Company Trunk Show....oh my!!!  My mouth was watering at all that bling.  This is the first year I took that class but it won't be the last!!!  I think I'll add this class to my list of MUST HAVE classes along with the Heartfelt Creations classes.

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