Monday, September 24, 2012

Floral Spray Swap.....

I joined a floral spray swap online. I'm soooo glad these are behind me...I've got to  touch up the "snow" on the pinecone because the inking on the edges turned the liquid pearls green in spots so I've sprayed workable fixative on them to seal them then I'll re-pearl them in a couple hours.  Lesson learned "Always Use Stazon For Inking" so it doesn't bleed.  I used the CTMH ink, I thought it looked great on the flower tips but then again I wasn't using white pearl on

sorry about the glare, the perfect pearls on the flowers is reflecting the light

I decided to go for a more compact look because I don't care for the wires showing and filled in the back with TH greenery cuts. The leaves have wires glued almost all the way through them so they can be bent and arranged to look less "flat." Thought this would look great on a Christmas present instead of a bow....If I ever join one of these again they will be purely paper sprays, all that wire twisting made my hands sore!!!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday I went to an all day crop at a church in Broolyn with my friend Allison....We had a great time.  I worked on my flowers for the Flower Spray Swap I joined.  (I'll never do another swap like that where everything has to be wired...the next one I do like that will be strictly paper/flat ones that go on scrapbook pages-all that wire twisting made my hands a little tender).  Allison completed 6  2-page layoauts I believe....they all turned out very nice.

I couldn't believe my luck yesterday...pulled in quite a prize haul!!!  I won the 3rd place Grand Prize, 4 bingo prizes, scored freebie stickers, a square punch and hand lotion....

Prize Haul from the crop.

I told my hubby that we should go to the casino before my winning streak eneded...guess I could've bought some lottery tickets.  Oh well, I'm very happy with my prizes.  I had a very productive day, had some good food, good friends and got my work done!

Can't wait 'til the next one in March.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


If you've come here from the Cricut FANatics website, Welcome!!!  I created a new blog that will be dedicated more to the Cricut side of crafting, and a smattering of our newest hobby Becoming Pilots!!!

Take a look around and let me know what you think.  Soon I'll be going through my photos to get some more postings up. 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Few Things I "Threw" Together

Life has been pretty hectic this past year so I haven't had much time to "design" the things I want for my scrapbooks.  I'm so far behind I don't think I'll ever catch up.  Thank goodness for a couple of crops which have forced me to put a little something together or I wouldn't have anything at all to show for all my collecting of all things Cricut....
Luckily for me I happened upon a website where an extremely talented designer was selling kits and/or instructions for making the most fabulous layouts!!!  I chose to purchase the pdf's with all the directions for making the layouts. Below are 4 of her layouts that I completed.  I thought the directions were a great bargain at $10 each, but due to changes in her life she has discontinued the kits and is only selling the instructions, they are now priced at $5 each....Her instructions are clear and easy to follow.  These do take a little time because they are so detailed, but, as you can see, they are well worth it. (Disclaimer - I am only a VERY satisfied customer, I am not associated with her in any way)
If you are interested in looking around her site check out the Monique Griffith Designs link in the right column under My Favorite Things.
This is my Layout for this year's Christmas Photo's.  I used Christmas Wish for the Imagine to print out all the background papers for this layout.
My family is into antique cars, I needed a layout for when my son's Merc was entered in the car show at MIS.  Although my hubby was bored with the "sitting and waiting" that happens at these events, it was worth it so they could take the car out onto the track and cruise.  I couldn't find the papers I wanted for this so I created the diamond background and the teal border in the Cricut Craft Room.  I'm not really sure which cartridges I used to print out the bottom background. 


My daughter loved to play the flute and make our dog Naboo howl.  I wanted to capture this memory and this layout was a perfect fit.  The ticket is blank right now, when my daughter comes home I'll have her journal what she remembers about this and add it.  I just couldn't picture this with any other color schemes so I hunted down the papers that Monique used on ebay so I could get the exact layout as pictured.  I figured the cost of the design saved made up for the extra I paid for these papers....

I'll put my grandson's school picture and class picture for this year on this layout....I used Kristen Swains tutorial from the Cricut Circle Blog for creating the texture on the leaves, they were a pain, but really made this layout complete.  Now this paper was alot harder to come by, but my persistence payed off and I was able to snag a package somewhere online....I hope I can find another layout to use the rest of the papers on or this one will have costs me almost $50 to

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My first Challenge Submission

Sorry for the crooked look....that is just an optical illusion from the
Everything is really straight in the layout itself
The Cricut FANatics have posted their first blog challenge today.  The theme is School related.  This is my submission for the contest.  I tried uploading from Snapfish but it says I deleted the picture, I guess the only other thing I can do is make my own blog to link to it.

I'm a little behind on my grandson's school scrapbook so this is a perfect time to get last years school pic on a layout before he's   I have been thinking about this design since the free month of exclusives at and the release of the Team Spirit cartridge.  I ordered  the cartridge and it finally arrived so I have been able to finish my layout with the school mascot included.

My favorite part of this layout is that he's old enough to write so I printed questions on a 4x6 index card and had him write the answers.  This will really be fun to look at as he gets older to see how his writing, career choices and friends may change throughout the years.  He and I occasionally talk about how things were when I was in school, the little writing on the bottom of the card gives some trivia about how much breakfast, lunch and milk cost, when popcorn day was and the cost....and a little info about a field trip to Safetyville (he broke his finger on the bus trip home from Safetyville).  

I'm hoping to keep more up-to-date on his School Scrapbook in the future.  I liked the index card so much I'm thinking of creating a couple with the months listed and having him write something he learned each month...that would make a cute flip-book.

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Hello, my name is Freda Cannon.  I have been scrapbooking since 2005 since I purchased my first cricut (which still works great).  I needed somewhere to upload my files and photo's to so that I can share them with the challenges and sketch contests that I am entering.

Hopefully, this blog will be maintained a little more frequently than my last blog.  I hope you can gain some inspiration from my little corner of the the blogisphere.

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