Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day...

Just hopping on here real quick to post some photo's of the Father's Day Card I made for my Hubby...The front cover was scraplifted from Tammy Tutterow's tutorial, I did swap out the Amelia Erhart stamp for the Charles Lindberg stamp.  The rest was my "fussing" until I liked it...

The front and back panels of the card.  When he opened it this morning he asked where I stole the book cover from.  So I must've done a pretty good job with the "faux leather" paper technique from Tim Holtz if it fooled my hubby. 

The front was from Tammy's tutorial online, the back was a necessity, the glue  bled through on the back side so I whipped up a tag to cover it...would've done some stamping on the back cover but Bob came home so I had to throw it together and be done with it.  This morning when I got up the fold area had peeled in places so I grabbed some black vinyl and applied it with liquid glass and heated to dry.  Maybe the paper wasn't dry enough from the faux leather technique but I had it out all night the night before with a fan blowing on it, I would've thought it would have dried.  I don't think I'll ever do this technique with folds in it again, would be easier to cut each piece and adhere with the liquid glass then put the vinyl on the fold areas.

The inside consist of a bunch of  a father's day sentiment and travel related stamps that were embossed with black embossing powder.  I used the spritz and flick technique to get the aged spots on the card.  I used the large manila tags for each side, scored them to make space for a pen because I wanted to buy one of those antigravity pens for him to use in the plane.  Unfortunately, every store around town has quit selling them and I didn't have time for delivery so it just became a card that looked like a book.
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