Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rudolph Lighted Nose Ornament

While putzing around today doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and waiting for my Purchase Code to come through for my Cricut Circle Membership I decided to take a little break and play around with my Cricut Mini which happened to be the closest machine to me and the fact that I wanted to use up some of my 8.5x11 stash of cardstock that I'm slowly dwindling down. 

I have been seeing these tealight ornaments all over the internet and Pintrest, I don't know if anyone has made one from the Create A Critter cartridge but I thought I'd give it a try.  Here's the results...I think he's adorable!!  I used Create a Critter for Rudolph and CraftRoom Basics for the circle nose hole.

Click here if you'd like to download the CraftRoom files.  I needed 8 ornaments and that is how many I made the file for, delete any extras you don't need.

Assembly is pretty easy, be sure to line up the "nose" holes so you can insert the tealight through.  Glue the brown piece to the cream/tan layer, then glue those 2 pieces to the black layer, locate the hanger string where you want it on the white layer put a dab of glue to hold the ends in place and then glue the black/tan/brown layer over the string.  Add the red collar/ribbon last. 

After the paper layers are all assembled add your choice of adhesive that will hold the plastic tealight and paper pieces together around the top of the tealight.  Gently push the flame part of the tealight through the nose hole.  My light had a bent tip so I twisted the light until the tip faced upwards,  be sure to arrange the tip how you like it before allowing the adhesive to set up.  I used a piercing tool to push the edges around the hole back down flat then held the pieces in place until the glue set.



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